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Axios reports that a new Morning Consult/Axios poll says that "despite all the headlines … chronicling the wave of layoffs hitting the tech industry, most Americans work in other sectors and still feel pretty good."

According to the story, "Across all income groups, the share of U.S. adults who fear they could lose their job in the next month ticked down during November — and is sitting near series low points."  (The poll has been conducted since May 2020.)

 "Despite consumers being pessimistic, economists being pessimistic and the Federal Reserve intentionally reducing demand — workers remain very optimistic," says Jesse Wheeler, economic analyst at Morning Consult.

KC's View:

Ironic, huh?  So many layoffs in tech, and yet most employees are feeling pretty secure … which is a good reminder that the majority of people in this country don't work in tech or related businesses.  

They should feel secure, by the way.  Most stores I see still have "help wanted" signs.