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Business Insider reports that Amazon has an invitation-only Ad Verification program that pays users $2 a month to share their mobile phones' traffic data.

According to the story, "Amazon is tracking what ads participants saw, where they saw them, and the time of day they were viewed. This includes Amazon's own ads and third-party ads on the platform.

"Through the program, Amazon hopes to offer more personalized-ad experiences to customers that reflect what they have previously purchased, according to Amazon … The deal is part of the Amazon Shopper Panel, an invite-only program where select Amazon customers can earn $10 per month if they upload 10 eligible receipts from purchases made outside of Amazon. Panelists can receive additional monthly rewards for completing short surveys."

KC's View:

I'm not sure that $2 is an appropriate monthly fee for the level of information that Amazon may be able to glean from an average person's mobile phone traffic, but on the other hand, there are a lot of companies getting a lot of information for free, and a lot of people who would be happy to hand over their personal information for free in exchange for more targeted promotions.

I'm at the point lately where I'm so boring in terms of mobile phone traffic that if I were part of the program, Amazon might feel it would be overpaying me at two bucks a month.  (I don't even have Facebook or Twitter on my iPhone … because I don't need or want that kind of immediate access.  On my MacBook Air, yes … it is just a way of self-regulating.). But that's just me.