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From the BBC, a story about how scientists have discovered that in some cases, traces of the Covid-19 virus can reside on some food product packaging for as long as a week.

According to the story, "For most food products tested there was a 'significant drop' in the levels of virus over the first 24 hours.

"But in some cases traces survived for about a week, the University of Southampton team found … They picked foods often sold loose at grocery, deli or bakery counters, such as apples, peppers, cheese, ham, olives, crusty bread and croissants.

"The packaging tested included drink bottles, cartons and cans.

"The amount of virus they applied was designed to simulate how much might land on food if someone who was infected coughed or sneezed near it, for example, because Covid is spread by respiratory droplets.

"Breathing in infected droplets, rather than touching infected surfaces, is still the main way people catch Covid."

The scientists says that "there is no need for shoppers to take extra precautions when handling food - other than washing your hands before preparing and eating it, and rinsing fresh produce to help to remove any contamination on the surface."

KC's View:

Washing one's hands frequently, and washing fresh produce before eating it, would seem to be a good idea whether you are worried about Covid or not.