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GeekWire reports that Amazon has made a deal with Staples that will have the office supply retailer taking Amazon returns at select locations.

The deal is similar to one that Amazon made with Kohl's back in 2017.

According to the story, Staples believes "the partnership may help increase foot traffic in its stores. Kohl’s said it added 2 million new customers in 2020 thanks to its Amazon partnership."

KC's View:

In some ways, this deal drips with irony.

When Staples wanted to merge with Office Depot, one of the cited reasons was that Amazon was such a strong competitor that the two companies needed to merge in order to survive.  Now, admittedly under new ownership, Staples is hoping that Amazon will offer it a lifeline of sorts.  (Wonder if this is what the government had in mind when it blocked the merger.)

Inevitably, at some point, speculation will begin to circulate that Amazon is going to buy Staples, just have there have been regular rumors that Amazon would buy Kohl's.  Not likely.