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•  From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"The largest Amazon Air Hub in the world can process over a million packages per day and has over 2,000 full-time employees.

"Now, workers at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport location in Hebron are demanding better pay and labor conditions as they push for a union."

According to the story, "Last year, workers received a $2 per hour raise as compensation for working mandatory overtime to meet high demand throughout the holiday season. But managers told workers holiday pay might not happen this year.

"Almost 400 workers signed a petition demanding the raise but still have not gotten the pay increase."

The Enquirer writes that "Unionize Amazon Northern Kentucky KCVG was founded in early November by a group of about two dozen employees. Workers are demanding a $30-an-hour starting wage, 180 hours of paid time off annually with no cap on accrued time, and union representation against discipline."