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The Dayton Daily News reports that Dorothy Lane Market has gotten final regulatory approvals for its fourth store, a 50,225 square-foot unit that will be built in Mason, Ohio, and will include "cafés and culinary centers."

According to the story, the store will be "part of the Mosaic, a $150 million development that will include residential, office and other retail in Mason … The proposed building will be constructed out of brick veneer, with glass and metal wall accents and decorative art panels over the entrance of the building."  

The store is tentatively scheduled to open in 2024.

KC's View:

There is simply no better specialty food retailer in the US - Dorothy Lane Market's three stores are both aspirational and inspirational, giving full voice to an organizational love of food and a deep desire to share that passion with customers.

I love the stores … love the company … love the Mayne family that is the beating heart of what makes it all work …. and cannot wait to see what they have planned.