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by Kevin Coupe

A story from Axios this week illustrates the degree to which change is - go figure - immutable.

According to the story, "the iconic Boeing 747 is entering retirement after more than 50 years."  The last one that Boeing will ever make has rolled off the company's assembly line.

While the 747 symbolized the company for decades, instantly recognizable "for both its sheer size and the bubble that houses a partial second level near the front of the plane," it has been replaced by newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

The first 747, the story says, was built in 1967;  a total of 1,574 747s were built by the company.

But none of that matters.  The time came for even an icon to be retired.  Which is an Eye Opening reality that every business leader should think about when making choices about where to invest and where to cut.