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Got a number of nice emails about yesterday's FaceTime video from Arlington National Cemetery

One MNB reader wrote:

I am in the very same boat as you. Never went into the service and regret it now. I tried for the Coast Guard and it was after Nam and they did not need people.  I should have went to a different branch.

We (a friend and I) are now working with the Michigan Vets home to bring a bus load of residents to a local NASCAR race track to get away for a night, once a month. 10 vets and 10 volunteers and a $200 gift card so they can have a bite to eat and drink. They all love it. Biggest issue is finding the volunteers to do more people, we are working on that now. The vets are so happy that someone remembers them, it is so rewarding.

From another reader:

I think of all the young males today who should read your reflection .. but wonder if it would do any good.  If there was s  draft, I would worry about the quality of commitment!  Your commentary made me think..again.

I actually think that there ought to be compulsory national service for everybody - not just males.  There would be options beyond the military, but the armed forces would be an important part of that.

No exceptions - not for the rich, not for the powerful, not for ther well-connected.  Seems to me that the old people who make decisions about war and peace would be very careful about those decisions if everybody, quite literally, has skin in the game. 

Another MNB reader wrote:

That was a beautiful tribute to our honored US Military Veterans.  Thank you, Kevin!

And, from another reader:

Thank you for posting your powerful video about Arlington national cemetery.

I happened to watch your video about 10 minutes after the Wreaths Across America trailers and police escorts passed by my house in southern Maine on the way south to place the wreathes.

It is an emotional moment each year I see them/hear them with the sirens and truck horns reminding us of the sacrifices those buried there (and others) have made.