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I have to admit it - I watched the entire second season of "The White Lotus" on HBO.  I did this despite the fact that I wasn't an enormous fan of the first season.  But the buzz about the second season was so great that I decided to give it a shot … and found it to be every bit as irresistible as a great trashy novel, with a knock-out finale that aired last weekend.

I have two favorite characters from the second season - F. Murray Abraham's Bert Di Grasso, who is an aging womanizer torn between regret and what he remembers as being lust, and Tom Hollander, who plays Quentin, a British expat in Italy with expensive tastes and questionable motives.

One note:  there was a moment when I was at speaker's bootcamp earlier this week when several of us were saying that we hadn't seen the finale and were avoiding all press coverage because of concern about spoilers.  One woman said that she couldn't wait to get on an airplane so she could watch it, and my response was fast:  "You can't watch that on an airplane!  Somebody might be sitting behind you and will see your screen!  Plus, it could be a kid, or someone with sensitivity to sex and violence."

Which also is my message to you.  "The White Lotus" is great, decadent fun, but be careful about where and when you watch it.

I want to be clear about something:  This is not a movie in which I had the slightest scintilla of interest.  None.  But … this morning this trailer dropped, and suggests a subversive approach that I must admit got me a little bit interested:

My wine of the week:  the 2019 Sokol Blosser Estate Pinot Noir, from the Dundee Hills of Oregon's Willamette Valley, which is perfect with grilled salmon or even a nice seafood risotto.  Fantastic!

That's it for this week.  Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday.