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Amazon and Google-owned YouTube reportedly are the last players standing in the negotiations to gain the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.

According to The Verge, "Both companies have reportedly placed bids on Sunday Ticket and have already made forays into live sports, with Amazon Prime Video streaming Thursday Night Football and YouTube TV carrying a number of sports networks."

Apple reportedly has pulled out of the competition "because it doesn’t 'see the logic'" of spending that kind of money;  reports suggest that Disney-owned ESPN may or may not still be in the hunt.

The story notes that "DirecTV has owned the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket for nearly three decades, but these rights will expire at the end of this football season."  The Athletic has reported that "the NFL was asking for more than $2 billion per year for Sunday Ticket rights, a price that was at least $500 million more than what DirecTV had been paying to air Sunday games."

KC's View:

Amazon may be retrenching and rightsizing, but that doesn't mean it isn't spending money that it sees will advance its goal of inextricably intertwined itself in every aspect of our lives.