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Ahold Delhaize-owned e-grocery company FreshDirect has come up with a new slogan - “Food That Delivers You” - that looks to get away from what Advertising Age says was the more "functional" approach of the past that focused on the "logistics and convenience of food delivery."

The goal is to focus on “how food connects people and the quality of (that) food,” according to John MacDonald, FreshDirect’s chief marketing officer.

Ad Age writes that "the spots will air from January to March, which MacDonald said is FreshDirect’s busiest season partly due to the cold weather and also because consumers develop goals and 'take a look at what and how they’re eating,' he said … The campaign comes as food brands deal with inflation. Polling firm Morning Consult found that 17% of U.S. respondents bought groceries via delivery in November, down from 19% a year earlier, after reaching a 12-month low of 15% in March.

"FreshDirect will attempt to ease consumer concerns over prices by offering its 'DeliveryPass' for free for a year to new customers. The pass normally costs $129 per year and allows customers to get unlimited free deliveries and other benefits including reserving specific times for delivery."

The story also points out that "later this year, FreshDirect will launch its first loyalty program with the aim of retaining long-time users. The program will include perks relevant to New York City consumers, such as tasting experiences for new products or information about artisan yogurt makers in Brooklyn, said MacDonald."

KC's View:

I appreciate the move to aspiration, but I still do not understand why the FreshDirect brand does not have a stronger representation in Ahold Delhaize-owned stores.  To be fair, I haven't recently been into that many of the company's banners, but in my local Stop & Shop stores, there is very little evidence of the brand that I've been able to discern.

From the moment that they bought FreshDirect, I thought that every one of the company's bricks-and-mortar stores ought to have FreshDirect sections, which would highlight some of the SKUs available via e-commerce, and spotlight the ways in which Ahold Delhaize-owned stores offer a complete suite of services.  To me, this is something that needs to be marketed a lot more aggressively … unless, of course, they're worried about over-promising and under-delivering, in which case they have a different, more serious problem.