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The New York Times reports that "a federal labor official on Wednesday rejected Amazon’s attempt to overturn a union victory at a warehouse on Staten Island, removing a key obstacle to contract negotiations between the union and the company.

"The official, a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board, found that there was a lack of evidence to support Amazon’s claim of election improprieties and that its objections to the election should be overruled.

"The decision was widely expected after a labor board hearing officer recommended in September that the company’s objections be set aside. Amazon, which argued that the election was unfair because of improper conduct by both the labor board and the union, said in a statement that it knew the regional director was unlikely to rule against the agency."

Amazon has said it plans to appeal the decision to the national NLRB office.  CEO Andy Jassy also has said that the fight is “far from over," and that it "has a real chance to end up in federal courts."

KC's View:

I suppose that Amazon feels that it cannot let this go, that it has to exhaust every alternative to prevent unions from getting any sort of foothold in the company.  But I cannot help but feel that all this effort is counter-productive, that the company would be better served by spending all this time, money and effort addressing the issues that are led some workers to consider unionization.