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by Kevin Coupe

Today, we turn the Eye-Opener over to MNB reader Paul Martinez…

While in a WinCo this weekend I noticed that Claire's had a display at the end of one of the check stands. My wife starting looking through the merchandise and even texted a pic of an item to my daughter and eventually ended up buying it. I also saw another young girl walk up and glance through the display.

This was genius to me.  As a father of 4 daughters I’ve been dragged through Claire's stores in malls all over America…..It seems like perfect marketing for Claire's whom I’d imagine has suffered in sales since malls have become ghost towns where I live in North San Diego county. Many stores have shut down or been replaced by knock off retailers, math tutors and seasonal shops. I think it is imperative for all businesses to take a lesson from this, you can sit and cry over missing AOP due to whatever headwinds are in your way or you can reinvent yourself and find new ways of getting in front of your target consumer.

Also, I think, smart for WinCo, which suddenly may some fresh appeal to a customer base that has not traditionally found it fun or productive to go to supermarkets.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention … it is an excellent Eye-Opener on a number of levels.