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Checkout-free solutions provider Zippin has released a new iteration of its technology, Zippin Walk-Up, which is designed to reduce friction at concession stands located in stadiums and other public venues such as airports and arenas.

According to the announcement, the installations use "existing appliances, kitchen, and counter space, reducing CapEx to virtually zero.  Importantly, minimal construction is required, and existing stands can be converted in just days. And the best news is that the all-inclusive monthly subscription starts at under $4,000 with no upfront CapEx."

Here's a video that shows that Zippin is up to:

Simply put, the concept eliminates the need to have employees dealing with transactions at concession.  Rather, those people can work on food prep and making sure units are stocked in an efficient manner, while the technology allows people to pay for their purchases automatically.

KC's View:

This would seem to build on what I saw at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn last weekend, with Zippin powering five different checkout-free experiences there.  The one kind of retail at which it was not being used was the traditional concession stands - people still had to pay for their hot dogs, burgers and such in traditional ways - where traditional lines were very much in evidence.  Certain traditions are worth disposing of, and this would be one of them;  especially when at a baseball game, I hate it when lines means that I end up missing an inning or two.

It seems to me that this is all about momentum, getting to the point where checkout-free is less exception and more expectation.