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Rite Aid. Corp. said that it will dispense the so-called abortion pill, mifepristone, "in a limited number of its pharmacies," Bloomberg reports.

Rite Aid said it will sell the pill "to customers either in-person or via mail delivery in compliance with federal and state laws.  'We are committed to ensuring equitable access to customers prescribed this product,' a company spokesperson said in an emailed statement."

Bloomberg points out that "until recently abortion pills could only be distributed in health-care settings like doctor’s offices or hospitals. Regulators were under pressure for years from medical and advocacy groups to loosen restrictions, with leading medical bodies and health experts saying the rules were unnecessary.

"Earlier this month Food and Drug Administration loosened decades-old restrictions to allow brick-and-mortar pharmacies to be able to dispense the pills for the first time, pending a certification not required for most drugs."

Earlier this month, both CVS and Walgreen said they would make mifepristone available to its shoppers.

KC's View:

The story also says that "details on which of Rite Aid’s pharmacies plan to dispense the pills have yet to be determined," according to the company.  But I'm guessing that if this is true, it is only because Rite Aid hasn't yet determined which locations are likely to be picketed, and which ones won't.