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•  Business Insider reports that Amazon lawyers are warning employees "about sharing confidential company information with ChatGPT," the new artificial intelligence chatbot that has gotten enormous attention recently.

According to the story, "Amazon employees want to use it for work because it improves productivity."  But, "OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, is not transparent about how it uses confidential company information."

The story says that "a senior corporate counsel at Amazon" has suggested that Amazon employees "follow the company's existing conflict of interest and confidentiality policies because there have been 'instances' of ChatGPT responses looking similar to internal Amazon data.

"'This is important because your inputs may be used as training data for a further iteration of ChatGPT, and we wouldn't want its output to include or resemble our confidential information (and I've already seen instances where its output closely matches existing material),' the lawyer wrote.

"The exchange reflects one of the many new ethical issues arising as a result of the sudden emergence of ChatGPT, the conversational AI tool that can respond to prompts with markedly articulate and intelligent answers. Its rapid proliferation has the potential to upend a number of industries, across media, academics, and healthcare, precipitating a frenzied effort to grapple with the chatbot's use-cases and the consequences."