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Ted Bell, who spent decades developing a reputation as a legend in the advertising business before turning to a second career as a writer of thrillers and adventure stories, has passed away.  He was 76, and the cause of death was listed as an intracerebral hemorrhage.

KC's View:

I mention this because several years ago as the pandemic closed everything down and "Zoom" became a verb that described how many of us communicated, Ted Bell was an author who agreed to talk to me for MNB as I started doing author interviews as part of my OffBeat column each Friday.  My goal was to spice up MNB a little bit and offer a bit of distraction in trying times, and Bell was willing to be part of my experiment, and he never asked why a site like MNB was interested in him.

Bell was classy and kind and patient - he did two segments for me, one about what then was his latest book, and then a second shorter one about leadership based on his ad career.

I actually feel bad this morning, because I had the opportunity to interview Bell again for his latest book, "Sea Hawke," but I decided to pass.  I can't remember why, but I do recall thinking that I'd get him on the next one.  Which there won't be.

Bell's passing is a good reminder that we never know when things are going to come to an end … and as I read Bell's biography, it is my sense that he got as much out of his 76 years as anyone could expect.  Which also is a good lesson.

Below, in case you are interested, are my two conversations with author Ted Bell.