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CNBC reports that one prominent analyst is suggesting that by 2030, Amazon may have more robots than human employees.

Cathie Wood, chief executive officer and chief investment officer of Ark Invest, suggests that "Amazon’s use of automated robots will dramatically change the company’s workforce in the coming years."

“Amazon is adding about a thousand robots a day. ... If you compare the number of robots Amazon has to the number of employees, it’s about a third. And we believe that by the year 2030 Amazon can have more robots than employees,” Wood said on CNBC’s 'Squawk Box.'

“So we are just at the dawn of the robotics age. And I would say artificial intelligence and battery technology are all a part of that movement as well,” she added.

Wood also says that "the robot revolution will not be limited to Amazon; it will spread across manufacturing, Wood said, as improving technology and falling costs speed up the transition.  'If you look at the cost declines, which drive all of our models ... for every cumulative doubling in the number of robots produced, the cost declines are in the 50-60% range,' she said."

KC's View:

Cathie Wood has had mixed results - to be generous about it - in her investment choices over the past few years, but I still think this is a fascinating prediction … and one that, if it comes true, has enormous implications for all sorts of businesses, not to mention the nation's labor pool.