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The Los Angeles Times, prompted by the fact that Walmart-owned Sam's Club is now undercutting Costco on the price of a hot dog-and-sodas combo - $1.38 vs. $1.50 - decided to do a taste test.

Costco:  "The dog, in a soft sesame seed bun, is very good. It’s juicy, salty and has a pleasant snap — it tastes like beef, not bologna, which can be a hallmark of some inferior hot dogs (Dodger dogs, I’m looking at you). The topping selection is limited to mustard, ketchup and relish. Raw onion and sauerkraut were once available but, as with the Polish dog, have sadly fallen by the wayside. The drink selection at this location was limited to Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, Brisk iced tea, Sierra Mist and Tropicana lemonade. Pretty weak, in other words."

Sam's Club:  "The Sam’s Club combo is similarly advertised — as a ¼-pound all-beef frank — but comes with a 30 oz. soda, compared to a 20 oz. soda at Costco. The dog, in a slightly too-dry bun and which looked just a bit smaller than Costco’s, tasted virtually identical. In the toppings category, however, Sam’s Club made its move. In addition to ketchup, mustard and relish, Sam’s Club also had — hallelujah! — raw onion and sauerkraut. It also outshined Costco in the drinks department: While Sam’s Club also had Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, this location also offered Dr Pepper and unsweetened and sweetened Lipton tea."

The analysis goes on:

"The vibe at Costco is better. At the ones I’ve visited, there are more tables and dedicated areas to eat. At the Sam’s Club in Torrance, we struggled to find a place to sit before finally locating a single, lone picnic table a ways off from the cafe.

One other essential point: You must be a member ($60 per year) to order food at Costco. The cafe at Sam’s Club has no such requirement.

"But ultimately, the toppings, essential in any emulsified meats game, were superior at Sam’s Club. Slightly dry bun notwithstanding, that and the much better drinks selection helps put Sam’s Club on top.

"As a longtime Costco member, it almost hurts me to say it, but I’ve seen enough: The hot dog combo at Sam’s Club is a better deal, overall. Costco, if you bring back the Polish dog and sauerkraut, maybe I’ll reevaluate."

KC's View:

Can't imagine either can touch Walter's.