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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Giant Eagle announced that "starting next month, it will stop delivering its weekly ad flyer. Instead, shoppers will have to create a digital account so they can find out what produce and deli meat is on sale. The weekly ad will be delivered to customers’ email.

"Although customers won’t receive the ad in the mail, Giant Eagle says that printed copies of the weekly ad will be available for customers in the store."

KC's View:

In a larger sense, here's what I do not understand.  During the pandemic, pretty much every retailer got out of the print ad flyer business - nobody wanted to touch paper.  They switched to digital, and pretty much every customer switched, too.  Then, as the pandemic receded, many retailers went back to paper … even though they'd already done the hard thing, the thing that made sense for the future.  

I don't get it.  As a former newspaper reporter, I hate the way in which print is becoming irrelevant, or at the very least inefficient.  But digital allows companies to be more targeted at less expensive.  And yet, so many people went backwards because they're more comfortable with the way things used to be.