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CNBC reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) hinted yesterday that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who turned down an "invitation" from a US Senate labor committee to testify about unionization issues, now could face a subpoena that would require his testimony.

“One way or another, he will be there,” Sanders told a group of reporters yesterday.

Yesterday, it was reported that Schultz, who is scheduled to step down from the CEO role for the third time next month, rejected the invitation because he would no longer be in an operational role at the company, though he will remain on the board.

"Given the timing of the transition, his relinquishment of any operating role in the company going forward and what we understand to be the subject of the hearing, we believe another senior leader with ongoing responsibilities is best suited to address these matters,' Starbucks acting executive vice president and general counsel Zabrina Jenkins said in a letter to the committee.

KC's View:

I hope they slap Schultz with a subpoena requiring him to testify - I'm really getting tired of this class of citizens who live in such rarefied air that they don't think they need to appear before Congress when asked or required to.

I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again - Schultz may not have an operational title, but he's staying on the board, and his shadow will loom long and large over the new CEO.  (What the hell is his name again?). Plus, Schultz has been the company's biggest and loudest voice arguing against the union movement insider Starbucks - he ought to be willing to explain his position and tactics under oath.

Schultz is like a bully who likes to pick fights on the playground, but the minute someone actually challenges him and fights back, he says his mommy won't let him come out and play.

I still like the company's coffee, but Schultz becomes more tiresome with every passing day.  He's gone from being a visionary CEO to a raging ego with a title and a messiah complex.

Good luck to the new CEO who is replacing him.  (What the hell is his name again?)  I cannot imagine that this is going to be a fun gig.