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•  From MediaPost:

"In collaboration with sellers and manufacturers like BMW and Yamaha, Amazon is making hundreds of thousands of automotive and power sports parts and accessories from original equipment manufacturers available to U,S. customers.

"The newly launched OEM Automotive Parts Shop aims to offer a streamlined and personalized shopping experience. It allows customers to shop genuine parts using Amazon Garage to filter selection for their vehicle’s year, make, model, and other specifications.

"As they shop, customers can see transparent price listings for each item, as well as detailed product and fitment information directly from manufacturers and sellers to ensure they are purchasing the right product."

•  From Engadget:

"Amazon and Cochlear have teamed up on a new feature that streams audio directly from Fire TV devices to hearing implants, using the Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) protocol. It’s the first time a smart TV device can stream sound directly to a hearing implant processor."

“When we talked to audiologists and customers who used hearing aids, and other experts in the field, the majority told us that the first thing you really want if you’ve got hearing loss is to be able to hear clearly the people around you,” said Peter Korn, director of accessibility for Amazon Devices. “The second thing you want is the ability to hear the television, to enjoy entertainment.”