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From Fast Company:

"Hordes of Canadian wild beasts dubbed 'super pigs,' which have been running amok in the frigid north, are now about to set foot in the United States.

"Their arrival could wreak havoc on the ecological balance by menacing our native flora and fauna, wildlife, crops, livestock, pets, cities, and water quality, animal experts warn … The super pigs are a hybrid between classic pink farm pigs and feral boars - with the latter being among the most vicious and fearsome creatures that a human can stumble upon in nature, which should be 'avoided at all costs,' according to

"The two animals were originally crossbred by Canadian farmers to help their pigs grow fatter and survive the country’s cold winters. But when the market for pork meat dried up in the early 2000s, packs of them were set free (or escaped), and have roamed the western prairies of Saskatchewan and Manitoba ever since.

"Now, those pigs are taking their genetically enhanced durability, along with their species’ sharpness of mind, across the border into American territory - apparently starting with North Dakota and Montana, which might be no different from home for them, as they can withstand freezing winds and are able to burrow for warmth in the harshest of climates, even lining their dens with harvested cattail plants for insulation."

The pigs are said to be massive - the largest one ever detected was 660 pounds.  And pigs of that size eat a lot.  (Also, presumably, anything they want.  Ranging from goslings and ducklings to a fully grown whitetail deer.)

Here's the money quote:

"The only people who should be worried about this is anyone who lives in North America and eats meat, or eats vegetables, or eats any foods based on grain crops, or spends time outside for any reason," said Ryan Brook, leader of the University of Saskatchewan’s Canadian Wild Pig Research Project.

KC's View:

This past weekend, Cocaine Bear had an impressive opening weekend box office with a $23 million haul.  I have to imagine the producers are readying Super Pig for a 2024 release.