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•  From TechCrunch:

"Curbside pickup of groceries and other big-box retailer goods had been growing for years, then boomed during the pandemic, reaching mainstream adoption. Now, Target is taking the opportunity to offer more services through its Drive Up curbside option, with this week’s announcement that it plans to allow customers to return new, unopened items from the convenience of their car.

"The launch could prompt rival retailers to offer support for returns through their curbside pickup services as well, as the addition could give Target a competitive advantage in the market. The convenience of the service could prompt consumers to shop at Target over others if they knew they wouldn’t have the hassle of going inside the store and standing in line to return items that didn’t work out."

•  From The Information:

"The founder of Amazon smart doorbell subsidiary Ring, Jamie Siminoff, is stepping aside as CEO, he said in a blog post Wednesday. Siminoff will be replaced by Elizabeth Hamren, who most recently was Discord’s COO and previously held executive roles at Meta and Microsoft.

"Siminoff, who oversaw Ring’s $839 million acquisition by Amazon in 2018, will remain with Ring as 'chief inventor,' according to the blog post. The transition will take effect on March 22, according to Ring.

"Ring is part of Amazon’s devices unit, which has been hit with deep cuts during the company’s recent layoffs."