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•  Amazon says that a new internal report "continued progress toward driving counterfeit to zero - both in our store and across the retail industry … In 2022, our strategic combination of industry-leading technology and experts successfully stopped bad actors and made an impact beyond Amazon’s store—identifying, seizing, and appropriately disposing of over 6 million counterfeit products, preventing them from reaching customers and being resold elsewhere in the global supply chain."

•  The BBC reports that "UK-based online store Book Depository is being closed down by its parent company, the US technology giant Amazon.  Book Depository has told customers it will cease operations later this month after almost two decades in business."

The story notes that "Book Depository was founded in 2004 by former Amazon employee Andrew Crawford and his business partner Stuart Felton.  The global online book retailer, which was bought by Amazon in 2011, has offices in London, Gloucester, Madrid, Cape Town and Chennai - with fulfilment centres in the UK and Australia."