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•  From the Wall Street Journal:

" Inc.’s satellite-powered internet business is closer to getting off the ground. 

"The company recently unveiled the antennas that future subscribers of its Project Kuiper internet service would need to communicate with the satellites it plans to start mass producing this year. It isn’t clear when the first of those satellites will be blasted into orbit, but Amazon has said it expects to begin delivering broadband connections for some customers by the end of 2024."

According to the story, "Four years after unveiling Project Kuiper, Amazon has laid the groundwork to get its fleet of satellites into orbit. The company has reserved flights on a launch vehicle from rocket company United Launch Alliance, or ULA, that is already in use. Amazon also made a splash last year when it purchased more than 80 missions over a five-year period on new rockets from ULA and two other providers. Eventually, the company plans to operate more than 3,200 satellites."