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by Kevin Coupe

This isn't strictly a business-of-retail story, but it is about the people who shop and work at retail.  Therefore, it matters.  And is an Eye-Opener.

The Harvard Institute of Politics is out with a new poll with some troubling revelations about people age 30 and younger:

"Overall, nearly half (48%) of young Americans indicate that they have felt unsafe in the past month, including 16% in a shopping mall, 15% on public transportation, 13% in their neighborhood -- and 21% somewhere else in their city or town. Twenty-one percent (21%) of college students felt unsafe at their school.

"Forty percent (40%) of young Americans are concerned about being a victim of gun violence or a mass shooting. One-in-three (33%) are concerned about someone close to them being a victim of gun violence or a mass shooting (31%). 

"Roughly half of female college students are concerned that they, or someone close to them, could be a victim of a mass shooting (53%) or sexual assault (49%)."

Clearly, these concerns are having an impact:

"The mental health of young Americans remains a significant concern. Nearly half (47%) of young adults under 30 report 'feeling down, depressed, or hopeless,' and 24% have had thoughts that they would be 'better off dead,' or of hurting themselves in some way at least several days in the last two week.

"For the first time in this survey, we also asked about loneliness. We found 44% have been bothered by loneliness at least several days in the last few weeks. Additionally, 46% reported 'little interest or pleasure in doing things,' and 55% 'feeling nervous, anxious or on edge'."

In addition, "Nearly three-fourths (73%) of young Americans believe homelessness can happen to anyone. Nearly one-third of all 18-to-29- year-olds (32%), including 43% of Hispanic and 39% of Black Americans, are concerned that they could personally become homeless one day."

In other words, a generation of Americans is feeling an enormous amount of stress.  And, like I said, there are retail's customers and employees.

Attention must be paid.