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MNB has initiated a new sponsorship tier that reflects what for us is a new approach to the topic - I've decided that I really want to forge sustained relationships with companies that have value propositions and missions in which I believe and that, in turn, believe in MNB's value proposition and mission.  My goal is to not just provide a forum for these "Charter Sponsors," but also commit to helping them grow their businesses in a variety of ways.  In other words, it ain't just about banner and tile ads.  It is about moving the needle forward in terms of innovation and, ultimately, service to the shopper.

One of the points I've consistently made here on MNB over the years is how bricks-and-mortar stores have to consistently and persistently raise their games in the fact of unwavering competition both physical and virtual.  I'm a longtime fan of the folks at King Retail Solutions (KRS), who specialize in translating brands into tangible, immersive experiences that differentiate the retailer.

I love it when KRS explains its vision this way:

"As the industry leader in design, fabrication, and installation of retail grocery interiors, KRS understands that no two stores are alike. With their expertise spanning from one store to 5000 stores, they set the benchmark in the industry. By capturing the unique essence of each brand, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly, and forging emotional connections, KRS creates captivating physical environments. Their attention to detail, integration of cutting-edge technology, and dedication to storytelling distinguish them from the competition. KRS achieves all this while remaining efficient and adaptable, regardless of budget constraints. With KRS, clients can expect unparalleled ingenuity and the seamless fulfillment of their vision.”

Here are a couple of gorgeous examples of what they're talking about:

Those are stores I'd like to shop in, and why I'm thrilled to welcome King Retail Solutions to the MNB family.