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CNBC reports that McDonald's is creating a new spinoff restaurant chain called CosMc's.

According to the story, "The company will test CosMc’s in a handful of sites in 'a limited geography' in early 2024. McDonald’s said it will share more details about those plans at its investor day in December.

"The name for the new brand comes from CosMc, a McDonaldland mascot who appeared in advertisements in the late 1980s and early 1990s. CosMc is an alien from outer space who craves McDonald’s food.

"The brand will revive CosMc after the return of another McDonald’s mascot, Grimace, jolted its U.S. business. In June, the burger chain introduced the Grimace Birthday Meal, which included a bright purple milkshake.

Grimace and his combo meal went viral on social media, driving traffic and sales for U.S. restaurants."

CNBC points out that "McDonald’s past endeavors to expand beyond its primary business haven’t been successful. In the late 1990′s, it bought Donatos Pizza and Boston Market and a stake in a fledgling Chipotle Mexican Grill.  Less than a decade later, it had divested from all three."

At the same time, USA Today reports that Chick-fil-A "will develop two new restaurant concepts in the Atlanta metropolitan area and New York City."

The Atlanta concept "will have four lanes that pass under the kitchen and can handle 75 cars.  The restaurant will have a larger kitchen space and a food transportation system that move the order from the kitchen to an employee that will deliver the meal to the car.

"Customers who utilize the Chick-fil-A app will have their order sent to the kitchen as soon as they enter one of two designated mobile order lanes to ensure that they receive their order fresh from the kitchen. Customers will be able to order at the location."

The New York City test will "only serve as a point-of-pickup for mobile orders" and is designed to serve high-traffic urban markets.

Chick-fil-A also has been testing takeout-only stores with walk-up windows and drive-thru lanes for customers to order their food.

KC's View:

Not sure about CosMc's, but the Chick-fil-A tests show a real commitment to meeting customers where they are.  Except, of course, on Sunday.