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From Bloomberg:

"Walmart Inc. is teaming up with a California startup to test technology that removes carbon dioxide from its supply chain, with plans to eventually turn that CO2 into yarn for clothing.

"As part of a pilot project with San Leandro-based Rubi Laboratories Inc., Walmart will identify factories in its supply chain where carbon dioxide in waste gases can be captured using Rubi’s reactor systems. The majority of the world’s captured CO2 is currently used for oil extraction, according to the Global CCS Institute, but Rubi’s system uses biochemical processes to convert the gas to cellulose, the main substance in the walls of plant cells. It’s a technique inspired by the way trees use carbon dioxide to grow. 

"That cellulose is used to produce lyocell yarn, which can be made into textiles. After performance testing, Walmart and Rubi plan to develop a prototype apparel collection, according to a joint statement released Thursday. The pilot project runs through the end of 2024."

KC's View:

Does this sound as remarkable to you as it does to me?  I'm gobsmacked by stories like these, as companies are able to make both connections and progress in order to accomplish something extraordinary and unexpected.

When I get down on the state of the planet, I can add this to the list of things that make me hopeful - that somewhere, excess CO2 is being turned into yarn for clothing.