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Chris Walton has a good piece in Forbes in which he assesses what he calls "Schnucks' consistent commitment to smart store technology innovation."

An excerpt:

"For years now, Schnucks has been weaving a tapestry of intelligent tech adoption into its operations, all aimed at optimizing the shopping experience while ensuring a solid return on investment. Instead of embracing the latest fads in technology, Schnucks has systematically integrated smart tech into its operations, leveraging everything from ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels) to inventory monitoring robots."

Schnucks, Walton writes, has a "step-by-step, test-and-learn approach to creating a smart grocery store. The robots monitor inventory and pricing in almost real-time; the electronic shelf labels allow Schnucks to adjust prices with minimal labor costs; and the aforementioned promo engine helps to determine at what level those prices should be set."

You can read the entire story here.