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Fox News reports that the Missouri Attorney General's office has sued Dollar general, accusing the company of “unfair and deceptive pricing.”

The suit charges that Dollar General's hundreds of stores in the state advertise one price on the shelf and then charge a different price at checkout:  " “Dollar General is routinely overcharging Missouri consumers for every day staples and the necessities of life. Worse still, consumers are being deceived as to the prices they are actually paying for these items.”

The AG says that "this is a violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act," and is "seeking an injunction, full restitution, civil penalties, and other relief."

KC's View:

The story notes that Dollar General has more than 600 stores in Missouri - that's one every 100 square miles or so - and nearly 20,000 stores nationwide.   Seems to me that other Attorneys General probably will watch this case carefully.  If the suit against Dollar General is successful, I suspect you'll see a bunch of states looking into whether overcharging is systemic.

At the same time, Dollar General's management ought to immediately conduct a chainwide review of pricing procedures, and fix inconsistencies where they exist.  And not just because the company is - and ought to be - legally culpable.  It actually would be the right thing to do for its customers.