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•  From Delish:

"Fans of Starbucks are pretty used to change (even though we're still not over them discontinuing raspberry syrup). But an upcoming change at Starbucks could be its biggest one yet, and it involves their iconic cups.

"According to the AP, Starbucks is working to get rid of its disposable cups by 2030. In place of its beloved white paper cups with the green siren logo, the shop wants to introduce reusable cups. The concept is already being tested at some locations.

"The reason for the enormous change? Sustainability."

“Our vision for the cup of the future—and our Holy Grail, if you will—is that the cup still has the iconic symbol on it. It’s just as a reusable cup,” says Michael Kobori, head of sustainability at Starbucks.

However, Delish notes that there already is some pushback on the shift to reusable cups on social media.

Seems to me that this idea has been floated at Starbucks before.  I get why it seems appealing from a sustainability point of view, but at least in the past, it was just too at odds with how people actually live their lives and drink their coffee.  Kudos to Starbucks for continuing to try, but it is going to be hard to lead in one direction if few people want to follow.