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•  In the federal antitrust trial against Google this week, the company's vice president for advertising products, Jerry Dischler, argued that Google is losing market share to both Amazon and TikTok.

According to the story, "The Justice Department alleges that Google has illegally maintained a monopoly over online search by paying billions of dollars to web browsers and smartphone manufacturers to ensure it’s the preselected option for users accessing the web. As part of those deals, Google pays Apple, Samsung Electronics and others a share of the revenue it earns from search advertising.

"About two-thirds of Google’s total revenue comes from search ads, Dischler said, and in 2020 that amounted to more than $100 billion."

But, the story says, while "Google and Meta Platforms have dominated the digital advertising market, collecting more than half of all online ad dollars. … recent shifts in the landscape, including changes in Apple’s privacy policy that crippled the effectiveness of their ads on iPhones, have opened an opportunity for major competitors like Amazon."

Bloomberg writes, "In response to a question from U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, who is overseeing the government’s case, Dischler said that some consumer goods makers have threatened to remove all of their advertising spending from Google and move it to Amazon. Today, Amazon is bigger than Google in retail advertising, he said, and is growing at twice the rate."