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Florida Weekly recalls that Jimmy Buffett's "personal history is riddled with Key West stories that include tales of playing at Mallory Square and lyrics that referenced popular spots like Captain Tony’s and Blue Heaven. These days, signs of his vast business operations are common sights that include the worlds of licensing, liquor, and lodging. Exploring Key West yields the original Margaritaville bar on Duval, years of annual Parrot Head gatherings, his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it recording studio, and even an oceanside resort."

Years ago, one writer recalls, "Jimmy Buffett came in the back entrance of Blue Heaven one night and got up on the water tower with his guitar.

"Jimmy asked, 'Did anyone pay to get in here?'

"Everyone shouted 'No-o-o-o.'

"He said, 'Then let’s rock!'

"A brief time later two police officers came in, responding to noise complaints. When they saw who it was, they just watched for a half an hour and quietly left."