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•  From the Wall Street Journal:

"Many Walmart corporate staff are getting new titles and pay packages in the coming weeks as the country’s largest private employer works to manage labor costs and simplify the structure of its workforce.

"Over the past year and a half, Walmart reviewed the pay and titles for its entire U.S. corporate workforce, including those in the New York City region, Southern California, India and company headquarters in Bentonville, Ark. 

"Starting in November, many corporate workers at Walmart and its warehouse chain Sam’s Club will be reclassified into fewer groups of possible titles and pay. Base pay and total bonus benefits won’t fall for any workers. Around 4%, or 2,000 workers, will receive an eventual reduction in stock-option awards as part of the change.

"Walmart is making the changes because its corporate roles have become more varied over the past decade through acquisitions and new lines of business such as advertising, said Kim Lupo, head of global total rewards for Walmart. That evolution led to internal and external confusion about job responsibilities and fair pay, Lupo said."