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MNB has initiated a new sponsorship tier that, as I've pointed out here in the past, reflects what I think is a new approach to the topic - I've decided that I really want to forge sustained relationships with companies that have value propositions and missions in which I believe and that, in turn, believe in MNB's value proposition and mission.  My goal is to not just provide a forum for these "charter sponsors," but also commit to helping them grow their businesses in a variety of ways.  In other words, it ain't just about banner and tile ads.  It is about moving the needle forward in terms of innovation and, ultimately, service to the shopper.

I'm happy to announce this morning that Insite AI has joined the MNB family as a charter sponsor, sponsoring each morning's emailed Wake Up Call.

"Collaboration" is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but I have enough interactions with both retailers and suppliers to know that often the reality falls short of the aspiration.  One of the reasons that I'm so excited about Insite AI joining the MNB family is that they are laser-focused on enabling real and effective partnerships between CPG companies and retailers.  The key is to create timely tools and data sets for manufacturers that will make them the vendors-of-choice for retailers;  to use a phrase that we often employ here on MNB, it is about actually acting on actionable information.

And it is about simultaneously maximizing and demystifying AI - something that is critically important at a time when only 11% of CPG companies are adopting AI and machine learning tools.

To get a head start on the messages that Insite AI will be communicating to you on MNB, click here to download "The CPG's Guide to AI," which lays out the opportunities and challenges for consumer brands that "harness the value of consumer insights and artificial intelligence" to "better predict the needs of their customers, improve category performance, accelerate growth, and outpace the competition."

Who could ask for anything more?

I'm thrilled that Insite AI has become part of the MNB family, and will be bringing you the MNB Wake Up Call each morning.