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•  From Bloomberg:

" Inc.’s fall sale for Prime subscribers kicked off Tuesday with price-conscious shoppers mostly snapping up deals on low-cost kitchen gadgets and apparel rather than splurging on big-ticket items.

"Customers spent an average of $38 during the event’s first eight hours, up 2% from the same period last year, according to Attain, a research firm that harvests data from credit card transactions.

While shoppers are skimping on their purchases now, Amazon is monitoring customers’ browsing activity so it can offer them customized deals later in the season when they’re prepared to spend more, said Brian Mandelbaum, chief executive officer of Chicago-based Attain. Other retailers looking to draft off Amazon’s sale are doing much the same."

•  From Forbes:

"Less than eight months after Amazon purchased One Medical for nearly $4 billion, the online retail giant is focused on 'bringing more services in markets where we operate,' top healthcare executives said Monday.

"In an interview at HLTH 2023 in Las Vegas, Neil Lindsay, senior vice president, Amazon Health Services and Dr. Andrew Diamond, chief medical officer at One Medical, said they are engaged in a 'very disciplined approach' to expansion with no particular growth target for adding physician offices, clinics or entering new markets.

"Rather, expansion of offices and clinics will depend on markets, especially given challenges recruiting physicians amid a national doctor shortage.

"One Medical owns and operates more than 220 doctor offices in nearly 20 U.S. metropolitan markets across the country. The sites include One Medical primary care offices, senior health offices specific for patients covered by Medicare, direct primary care clinics, and primary care offices for specific employee populations, the company said.

"With statistics showing 40% of Americans don’t have a primary care provider, Amazon and One Medical see a rich target market."

Is it just me, or do the phrases "very disciplined approach" and "no particular growth target" seem both counter intuitive and, in the case of the latter, not very Amazonian?