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The Chianti Classico Consortium this week said that it celebrates its 100th anniversary, it has been seeing "exceptional growth" that tracks to "evolving trends" in people's wine tastes.

According to the announcement, "The high-end market segment, represented by Riserva and Gran Selezione wines, has consistently delivered outstanding performance. Together, they accounted for approximately 45% of production and an impressive 56% of turnover in 2022.

"The Consortium's international presence continues to expand, with 80% of the production exported in more than 160 markets. Notably, the United States, the Consortium's leading export market, experienced a 12% year-on-year increase in Chianti Classico sales in 2022, reflecting a growing appreciation for these exceptional Italian wines. These results are the result of the strategy implemented by the consortium to enhance the work of their farmers.: Today, their 482 members can count on better remuneration and have the opportunity to plan new investments to improve their production facilities."

KC's View:

Normally I would feature this kind of story, but at a time when it seems like so many food and wine products are being affected by climate change, with concerns about resulting scarcity, I just felt like we needed a good news story.

One of life's great - and affordable - pleasures is a freshly made bolognese, a plate of pasta, a sprinkling of newly grated parmesan and a bit of red pepper, accompanied by a rich Chianti Classico.

I get hungry just writing those words.