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•  Amazon has been talking a lot about the distribution facilities it is either shutting down or not opening, but that isn't the whole story.

Over the weekend, Amazon announced "the opening of two new state-of-the-art delivery stations in Connecticut ahead of the busy holiday season. The new facilities in Glastonbury and South Windsor expand Amazon’s robust operations and logistics network and continue the company’s commitment to the state where there are more than 15,000 full and part-time employees."

According to the announcement, "The 105,000 square foot facility on National Drive in Glastonbury launched on August 30, 2023 and the 180,000 square foot facility on Ellington Road in South Windsor launched on September 27, 2023 … Delivery stations play a pivotal role in Amazon's logistics network, serving as the last stop before packages arrive at customers' doorsteps. Packages are shipped to a delivery station from neighboring Amazon Fulfillment and Sortation Centers, loaded into delivery vehicles and delivered to customers."

•  Mars-owned M&M's announced that it is "deploying its first-ever M&M'S Halloween Rescue Squad to help Americans who are at risk of running out of candy on Halloween night … For those who may have miscalculated the number of ghoulish guests to arrive at their door, or dipped into the candy stash early, the M&M'S Halloween Rescue Squad will be on call starting at 3PM ET on October 31, to deliver free Mars candy across the country to participating locations in under an hour, in partnership with Gopuff (while supplies last)."

I actually like this idea a lot as a way to get publicity.  Not sure how many people will use it, but knowing it is there may be enough.

Plus, there's another option.  You could just turn off your front porch lights and lock the front door.  (Bah!  Humbug!)