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The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that Amazon "is introducing an array of new artificial intelligence and robotics capabilities into its warehouse operations that will reduce delivery times and help identify inventory more quickly.

"The revamp will change the way Amazon moves products through its fulfillment centers with new AI-equipped sortation machines and robotic arms. It is also set to alter how many of the company’s vast army of workers do their jobs … Humans are meant to work alongside new machines in a way that should reduce injuries, the company says.

"It is unclear how the new system will affect Amazon’s head count, and the company declined to provide details about its expectations except to note that it doesn’t see automation and robotics as vehicles for eliminating jobs."

You can read the entire story here.  (It is worth doing so, just to get a complete sense of how the company is overhauling its delivery infrastructure.)

KC's View:

It is worth pointing out that, whether right or wrong, Amazon has decided that its future growth will be directly related to speed.  So if you are competing with Amazon, that's the field on which it wants to compete.

Which means that if Amazon's speed advantage is one with which you cannot compete, you'd better find your own field of play on which to establish and exploit your own differential advantages.