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Multiple published reports say that Love.Life, the Los Angeles-area vegan restaurant concept opened by Whole Foods founder John Mackey just a few months ago, has closed.

The company blamed the closure on limited foot traffic and fewer people returning to the office complex in Culver City where it was located.

However, a new version is planned for next summer, in El Segundo, that will feature "a one-stop immersive experience with nourishing food, evolved medical care, fitness and cutting-edge wellness therapies all under one roof."

KC's View:

I've always been conflicted about the Love.Life concept.  The ambition is admirable, but Mackey long has struck me as someone who, in addition to consuming healthy food and beverages, spends an awful lot of time breathing his own exhaust.

But, as I've said here before, innovation often is the result of ambition fueled by audacity.  Or maybe it is audacity fueled by ambition.  So maybe this will work.

But personally, I wouldn't bet the farm.