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•  From the Associated Press:

"The food delivery business Yelloh - formerly known as Schwan's Home Delivery - is cutting 750 jobs nationwide and closing 90 delivery centers.

"The closures for the Bloomington, Minnesota-based company will begin Dec. 8. The company will continue to serve 18 states with its iconic yellow trucks. Customers elsewhere will get deliveries via UPS."

"'Facing economic headwinds, rising business costs and the post-pandemic world, our teams across the country have worked valiantly to transform our company into a modern category leader,' the company said in a news release. 'Despite those efforts, and like many retail businesses, we must now close locations and face a difficult reality'."

I know from some of my non-MNB work that Schwan's had the opportunity to reinvent its business in recent years, and best I could tell, simply couldn't get out of its own way.  It seemed to be unwilling to make the bold, innovative moves necessary to reinvent the business, which led to a kind of paralysis - changing the name of the company was what passed for innovation.  (Because it was the name of the service that was the real problem.). The company may attribute its problems toi outside factors, but at last some of the damage has been self-inflicted.