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Instacart is out with a new holiday commercial, focusing on how it is the key to a stress-free experience.

The theme: Instacart is the essential "holiday rescue app" when things go wrong.

Here it is:

KC's View:

When I watch this commercial, I see what it is good for shoppers.  I see why it is good for the CPG brands featured (Edwards Key Lime Pie, Reddi Wip, Ritz Crackers).  And I see why it is good for Instacart.

But I do find myself wondering about the retailers who are the source of these products.   They go unmentioned, almost as if they are tangential to the customer relationship.

Sure, they're making some sales.  And that's important.  But the long-term implications for their brands, I think, are not good.  They're just a small cog in the flywheel, as opposed to being the indispensable source of product.

(One other thing.  I know the commercial is shot to be stylized - but it looks like an awful Christmas party.)