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In Costa Mesa, California, Northgate González Market this week is opening its Mercado González, described as a 70,000 square foot "gastronomic adventure that takes foodies on a journey through the heart and soul of Mexican cuisine. With its unique concept and curated food offerings, design, and art, Mercado brings the rich flavors, vibrant colors, and joyful spirit of Mexico to a customer’s everyday shopping experience."

Among the features:

"20+ Puestos – Food Stands: Explore a variety of flavors at Mercado González’s  Puestos/Food Stands, where each stand offers a unique culinary adventure. Customers will be able to savor sweet churros and sip seven types of hot chocolate from the famous Mexico City churreria El Moro, indulge in crispy and succulent carnitas at Carnitas Don Miguel, relish a Chiva Torta by Familia Albarran, and enjoy Tacos Los Guichos from Familia Zenteno. Mercado has something to please every palate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

"Maizano (Fine Dining): Jorge Salim and Javier Hernandez Pons, the dynamic duo from the team behind beloved Los Angeles restaurants LA Cha Cha Chá in Arts District and Loreto in Elysian Valley, are opening a new restaurant in Mercado called Maizano, a concept that will be an homage to revered Mexican culinary and social traditions, and, as the name suggests, Mexican heirloom corn. Specifically, dishes such as mole, sopa de Lima, and a variety of memelas and tetelas will be standouts."

"Artisan Goods and Unique Mexican Products: At Mercado González, customers will find a treasure trove of artisanal goods, unique Mexican grocery products,  high-quality meats, savory salsas, various cheeses, fresh produce, and more. They can explore the colorful aisles brimming with spices, sauces, and ingredients that will transport them to the streets of Mexico."

"Community Kitchens: Mercado González will support local entrepreneurs by providing the community with a platform to showcase their culinary talents. The community kitchens will offer an opportunity to guide them to get food safety certificates, know how to cost out the inventory, and support their overall growth and success."

"Entre Nos Bar: Customers seeking libations can indulge at Entre Nos, a 6,000 square foot outdoor bar adorned with tropical vegetation. Here, people will find a wide variety of drinks, from micheladas to an extensive selection of mezcal, tequila, and Mexican beers."

KC's View:

Well, my mouth officially is watering.

I've always thought that Northgate González Markets are among the best stores in the country.  Can't wait to visit this one.