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Content Guy's Note:  Gary Hawkins is the co-founder of CART - The Center for Advancing Retail & Technology, and the author of a new book, "Bionic Retail:  How To Thrive In An Exponential World."  In our conversation, we talk about why it is critical for retailers to adjust to an "innovation flywheel" that affects every business;  how "first principles thinking" can create the right environment for innovation;  and what retailers need to do to draw up a blueprint for the future.  And, we focus on why it no longer is good enough to run faster and faster, only find that you're pretty much in the same place.

If you'd like to listen to this conversation as an audio podcast, click and download below.

"Bionic Retail" is available on Amazon, the iconic Portland independent bookstore Powell's, from Amplify Publishing Group, and wherever books are sold.