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•  A sobering number this morning - the US now has had a total of more than 50 million cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus.  The precise numbers:  50,149,325 cases … 810,254 deaths … and 39,672,735 reported recoveries.

The global numbers:  266,899,807 total cases … 5,281,719 fatalities … and 240,508,227 reported recoveries.    (Source.)

•  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 75.6 percent of the US population age five and older, and 71.1 percent of the total US population, has received at least one dose of vaccine, with 63.8 percent of the population five and older and 60 percent of the total population being fully vaccinated.

The CDC also says that 25.4 percent of the population age 18 and older, and 23.6 percent of the total population, has received a vaccine booster shot.

•  The New York Times this morning writes that "under New York City’s new mandate for private employers, employees who work in-person at private companies must have one dose of the vaccine by Dec. 27. Remote workers will not be required to get the vaccine. There is no testing option as an alternative."  The Times writes that as businesses grappled with the implications of the mandate, retailers on Manhattan's Upper West Side were supportive of the sentiment, but skeptical about the city's ability to enforce it.

According to the piece, "Andrew Rigie, the executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, a trade group for the city’s restaurant industry, called on (Mayor Bill) de Blasio to delay the requirement until 2022 because it could be difficult for some people to comply.

"'Public health and safety is paramount, but Mayor de Blasio’s announced expansions to the Key to NYC vaccine mandate pose additional challenges for an already beleaguered restaurant industry in need of tourism support and revenues this holiday season,' Mr. Rigie said. 'U.S. families visiting New York City for scheduled holiday vacations may not be able to meet the vaccination requirements for children or themselves in time, and children aged 5-11 across the globe aren’t universally authorized to get vaccinated'."

It is worth pointing out that Mayor de Blasio won't be in office in a few weeks, and so enforcement won't be his problem. Which means that we'll probably see some adjustment in policy in the not-too-distant future.