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Bloomberg reports that Amazon "is backing off plans to ban cell phones in warehouses, allowing employees to keep their devices with them at work … For years, Amazon prohibited employees from having their phones on warehouse floors and required them to leave them in their vehicles or in lockers near break rooms. The rule was temporarily relaxed during the pandemic, and Amazon announced earlier this year it would resume in January."

This new approach "follows the emergence of a more contagious strain of Covid-19 and after six workers died at a facility struck by a tornado last week, which reinforced a desire among warehouse employees to have access to real-time information in emergencies."

KC's View:

Amazon has to read the room, and right now, banning people from having their cell phones with them is simply unacceptable.  The tornado-related deaths only drove the point home.

Maybe it is time for businesses to treat employees like adults?  And, of course, for employees to act like adults.