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The continuing goal of "The Innovation Conversation" is to explore some facet of the fast-changing, technology-driven retail landscape and how it affects businesses and consumers. It is, we think, fertile territory ... and one that Tom Furphy - a former Amazon executive, the originator of Amazon Fresh, and currently CEO and Managing Director of Consumer Equity Partners (CEP), a venture capital and venture development firm in Seattle, WA, that works with many top retailers and manufacturers - is uniquely positioned to address.

The subject today is Amazon, as Tom and KC put into context the company's decision to close six Whole Foods stores … the quarterly numbers that suggested that Amazon is subject to the same ebbs and flows as many other companies … and the admission that Amazon has overbuilt its logistics network.  And KC poses a provocative question to Tom:  Could founder Jeff Bezos make a Howard Schultz-like return to the CEO job?

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