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Vertical Farm Daily reports that Bristol Farms, the Los Angeles-based specialty grocer, will begin carrying produce grown in vertical farms by Plenty Unlimited.

According to the story, "Bristol Farms is offering its guests Plenty's pesticide-free leafy greens, including Baby Arugula, Baby Kale, Crispy Lettuce, and Mizuna Mix, a unique blend of baby bok choy and Japanese mustard greens. Plenty of greens will be available at all Bristol Farms locations throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Santa Barbara County, including the new, 34,000-square-foot Bristol Farms Newfound Market in Irvine Spectrum Center. Shoppers can find Plenty greens in the packaged greens area of each store's produce department starting today."

The move comes as Plenty is about to open a new vertical farm facility in Compton, California, which will supplement the produce grown in its original South San Francisco facility.

KC's View:

I've seen the South San Francisco facility, and it is impressive.  And the idea that Compton - an urban community with a high poverty rate - now will host a similar vertical farm, which will hire local folks to work there, is a terrific move.  Compton, after all, is a community that started out as farmland … and in its own unique and even revolutionary way, Plenty is helping return at least part of it to those roots.

Good for Bristol Farms for being part of this continuum, which, among other things, will bring high-quality produce to its shoppers.